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For more than 20 years now, we are serving the industry with state of the art heat exchangers.
Our capacity ranges from fluid/fluid, fluid/air till air/air exchangers.

We have experience with a wide variety of materials like carbon steel, copper, aluminium, brass, stainless steel and superalloys like inconel 625 or rare metals like tantalum.

We are able to provide you with the ready-for-use product.

A large spectrum of techniques is in our workshop readily in place which allows us to build according your specification and producing the exchanger which brings the best solution to your needs.
LOGIC ADVANTAGE:Leaning on our experience, you buy your product without the risk to get stuck with some problem halfway production.

Design may even start on the drawingboard with the devellopment of some particular new fintube if this proves to be the best solution.

We have our own power presses, deepdrawing presses, beading machines, rivetting machines, bending machines, polishing machines.

Power Press capacity:50 tons
Deepdrawing capacity:100 tons
Beading machines capacity:diameter 60mm
Rivetting machines capacity:the complete range.
Bending Capacity:3"
Rolling Capacity:2 1/2"
Polishing Capacity: 4"
Welding Capacity:2 welding robots (Fanuc and Panasonic)

Our costumer base contains heat exchanger producers, chemical industry, naval applications, furnace producers, shipbuilders and the offshore industry.

We have been specialising on products destined for the upper quality range of the market, with mayor requirements, so the probability is high that we might fit your requirements also.

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