Our company is incorporated in Belgium as a CVBA.
A "CVBA" means it is a cooperative of two existing firms.
In our case the owners are The Loaghaire Cooperation Unltd. from Rep.Ireland and the CVBA Keersse from Belgium.
Our offices and production unit are located in Evergem in Flanders, the dutch speaking part of the country.
The CEO is Mr. Ghislain Van de Walle since its very beginning.
We have gone through an evolution from a parts builder for the local industry towards a tools and die builder and currently we are building specialist machines for much broader markets.
We are accepting unique projects.
The focus lies mainly in specialist applications and materials like stainless steels, super alloys, rare alloys.
Our clients can be found in the industrial, naval and military world.
The arrival of the internet has allowed us in the last four years to specialise and expand our costumerbase far beyond the European Community.
We gladly focus on your specific needs, timetable and budget.
Profit from our expertise.
We are in business for more than twenty years.
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