This Story begins in the stoneage of the pc's:1982.
We needed in our workshop some fast access to a centralised database.
So we bought our first pc, a 8086. The info was orderly gathered in ASCII-files and called to the screen with batchfiles in menu's.
For those of you which went through the MS-DOS area, we enjoyed a lot the LIST.EXE of Buerg Software.
It is a very fast ASCII-file viewer.
Like everyone else we went through the whole evolution of the PC world.
Since the WIN95 and WIN98 area we have decide to use the browser of our machines as the default viewer, and to transform our ASCII database into HTML.
The reason is obvious.
The main source of information is since a couple of years the WWW.
The amounts of valuable information on the Web is growing on a daily basis.
It was therefore easier to transform the existing database to HTML-pages.

We compile our HTML bundles with the HTMLE Wizard Version 2.5,copyright Di Giusto 1997-1999 (Freeware).
Some time ago we made part of our knowledgebase available to the public, FREE OF CHARGE.
Everyone from the metalworking world, education, and everyone interested in it can obtain these data for FREE.
Our purpose is on a non-commercial basis obtaining some publicity.

We call our software HONESTWARE. (deadhonest free software)

HONESTWARE[TM]is covering the complete area of interest of the metalworking business.

We hope You enjoy it a lot.

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