Gas Bottle Marking. Gas production companies face many logistical problems in the supply and distribution of industrial gas to their customers. A major problem with gas bottles and containers is that they can be in circulation for as little as a week or as long as a year. During this time the container or bottle may be subjected to physical abuse and dirty environments. During the production cycle the bottle or container may be subjected to, sand blasting, chemical cleaning etc. Traditionally these containers and bottles have a serial number engraved in the metal casing for identification and all transactions with the container and bottles recorded manually. With the large number of bottles and containers it is essential to have an automated method of identification. Because of the environment, other methods of identification, such as barcodes are not feasible, as they are easily damaged during the life of the gas container. Identifying gas bottles allows gas manufacturing companies to minimize gas bottle losses, maximize container utilization, keep accurate gas bottle inventory records, consequently saving money and time.
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